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Frequently Asked Questions
Is Horns For Kids a non-profit organization?
A.    Yes.  Horns For Kids, Inc. is a CT non-profit corporation, and is a Federal 501c3 
      non-profit organization (Federal EIN:  45-2159084).
How many CT schools have received instruments from H4K?
A.    Since 2003, H4K has awarded instruments to well over 500 Connecticut schools.
Where do the instruments come from?
A.    Most instruments are donated.  Although, we do buy some if there is a shortage of
      certain kinds.
How are the instruments awarded to schools? 
A.    A group of available instruments is posted on our website, 2-4 times a year.
     Teachers and administrators are notified through e-mail, and download the
     application from the website; fill-it-out and return it by a certain date.  After about
     a 2 week application period, H4K reads all the applications and awards the
     instruments to CT public and private schools, based on need. 
Do some schools get priority? 
A.    Schools that have never received an instrument, get priority.  Also, schools
      that have not received an instrument for 3 years get priority. 
Does H4K keep records on where the instruments went? 
A.    Yes, we have a database of where every instrument was awarded since 2005.
      You can also see this on the website here:  Instruments Awarded
Where does H4K get its funding? 
A.  We get funding from people like you who believe that every student should have
      the opportunity to make music in school and as a lifelong activity.  We also receive
      funding from a few family-run charitable funds, student-run school fund drives,
      and from generous private donors using the Donate button on our website:
       See Donate Page
Are donations to Horns For Kids tax-deductible?
A.    Yes.  Cash donations and instrument donations are tax-deductible (as long as no
      goods or services were provided in exchange). 
How are the funds used? 
A.    Most of the funds are used to repair instruments.  H4K has about six technicians
      that make sure every donated instrument is clean, playable, and in excellent
      condition.  We do buy some instruments that are popular with teachers, if there is
      a shortage.  Our annual accounting (CPA) and filing fees (CT) for Horns For Kids,
      Inc. total around $1,200. 
Does H4K pay salaries to directors? 
A.    No.  The two directors (Fred and Lee) receive no pay whatsoever.  In fact, they
      both donate to H4K in several ways:  regular cash donations, office space and
      machines, telephones, postage, internet and webhosting costs, gas and vehicle
      to pick-up instruments, and time spent for clerical database entries  — and
      taking instruments to and from repair technicians. 
What kinds of instruments does Horns For Kids accept? 
A.    We accept gently used — standard bowed strings (violin, viola, cello, double bass),
      woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments that are played in school bands,
      orchestras, and other ensembles.  We also accept guitars, ukuleles, guitar
      amplifiers, and accessories. 
Does H4K accept pianos?
A.  Yes.  But we are picky when it comes to acoustic pianos.  They are
      expensive to move, tune, and store.  We don’t take all of these instruments.
      We will ask for brand, model, condition, and photos.  Schools prefer electronic
      keyboards nowdays, since they do not need to be tuned or maintained.
Will H4K come to pick-up donated instruments? 
A.    Yes, but it would be very helpful if you could drop it off at our office in
      Hamden.  There are only two of us here (no fleet of trucks).  Some
      people ship the instrument to us.  We also have a couple of drop-off
      locations.  If necessary, we can schedule a time to come to you. 
How is the value of a donated instrument determined?
 A.    As a courtesy, H4K will research the web and consult with music stores
      for comparable instruments and suggest a value to the donor in a written
      letter.  However, for tax purposes, the donor is welcome to assign any value
      to an instrument that he/she believes is fair.
What is the capital of Nebraska? 
A.    Lincoln

*  *  *  *  *

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